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Funai Electric Group will pursue further growth

We deliver to the market with reasonably priced, high-quality Digital Consumer Electronics developed on the basis of its own unique perspective.

In recent years, despite growing global demand in the Digital Consumer Electronics market, intense competition continues to drive product prices sharply downward. However, we believe that this severe business environment also presents us with an opportunity to fully realize our potential.

Since our founding in 1961, we have held an innovative return to the basics as important, and will renew its focuson speed in all of our business activities.

As we seek further harmony and mutual prosperity," we will expeditiously develop products based on a prompt and accurate perception of market and customer needs. Furthermore, we will deliver world markets our products in a timely manner that are superior in terms of cost performance and quality through our proprietary production system, the Funai Production System (FPS), and the optimization of production facilities.

LCD TVs are Funai Electric's the major product, accounting for more than 60% of net sales. We offer five brands of LCD TVs for sale in Japan and overseas, ranging in size from small to large- screen. Lauded for their superior quality and reasonable price, we have acquired a leading share of the North American market. We are also expanding sales in the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America, as well as in the Near and Middle East.